Welcome to Military Auxiliary Radio System

Members, Welcome to the United States Air Force MARS Forms Distributions Site.

The purpose of this website is to provide one consolidated location as a source for you to download necessary official USAF MARS forms. This site is maintained by the National Operations Office. The forms contained on this site are the latest revisions for use. Obsolete versions will be removed as new forms are issued.

It is recommended that members download a new copy of the form at each use to ensure that you are using the latest version. Accordingly, it is not recommended you download these forms to your own computer for use later. The entire contents of this website are unclassified; however, it is For Office Use Only (FOUO). It is requested that members not distribute the master password to access this site simply as a control to deny public access to the site.

Please see the instructions page for details on how to download the forms and where to submit them. This site has no mechanism for submission of forms. The correct submission procedure will be found with each form or is more clearly outlined in the MARS Operating Instructions (MOI).

This site is administered and maintained by the National Director of Operations.